Publications & Radio Documentaries

I- Publications
A number of publications are issued by the Institute in Arabic and English. In addition, a series of monographs on International security are published on a semi-periodic basis. A monthly "Security Bulletin" is also issued and circulated to decision makers, the bulletin monitors security developments on the regional and International levels (including military spending, security arrangements, meetings .. etc), Additionally, the Institute is active in translating documents and publications of particular interest to Arab audience.

II- Documentaries and Radio Programs
The Institute is committed to improve public awareness and promote understanding on security issues. With a proven record of initiating and sustaining capacity building campaigns, the Institute is responsible for developing and broadcasting a radio documentary titled "Diplomatic and Security Terminologies". The documentary elaborates on security, diplomatic and military terminologies that are presented in media and dealt with on a frequent basis.


البرنامج الاذاعي "مصطلحات امنية ودبلوماسية"
Diplomatic and Security Terms & Terminologies (Arabic radio documentary)

في حال رغبتكم بث حلقات البرنامج او الحصول على كامل الحلقات يرجى الاتصال بالمعهد