The Arab Institute for Security Studies offers a number of opportunities to interns from Jordan and abroad. The Institute hosts interns who are welling to engage in research, information dissemination, program execution and support ongoing activities.

Ideally, candidates should have a:
- Good background in research
- Familiarity with the Middle East politics
- Eager to learn and serve.

Interested candidates should contact the Institute at the numbers shown on the home page.


Amira Loutfi
George Washington University (US)

Cameron Reed
Boren Scholar

Harrsion Cramer
Middlebury College

Jessica Herring
American University

William Dossett
University of Pennsylvania

Staley Smith
Johns Hopkins University

Dr Erich Elze
University of New South Wales (Australia)

Dashrath Reddy Kurli
Jindal Global University

Samantha Simmons (US)
University of Pittsburgh